Get TLOS to Telos EVM

Depositing TLOS to EVM address

Option 1: Depositing TLOS from telos native account

After acquiring TLOS, you can send it to your EVM address using the web wallet, which you can also use to send to other EVM addresses such as Metamask. Make sure you have added the Telos EVM network to your Metamask.
Once logged in to the web wallet, click on the deposit to EVM button (as shown below).
2. Enter the amount of TLOS you wish to deposit. Click "Deposit" and sign the transaction.
3. You should now see your new EVM balance.

Option 2: Withdrawing TLOS from exchanges to any EVM address

If you currently have TLOS on or KuCoin, you can withdraw it to your EVM address by doing the following:
Make sure that the address and memo are:
Address: deposit.evm
Memo: (Your EVM address)
If not using Telos Wallet, users may want to use to connect TelosEVM using Metamask or an alternative web3 wallet/signer.
Last modified 1yr ago