Using Zappy

Getting Started

Zappy is a fully decentralized exchange, meaning that any token on Telos can be swapped or pooled on the platform.
When visiting the platform, a popup will appear asking you to confirm the connection between Zappy and your Metamask wallet. This popup is completely normal and safe. Once confirmed, you can start using Zappy to Trade, Stake, Farm, Pool, and eventually Lend. Trading is Zappy's most popular feature - a simple and convenient tool to swap any token on Telos. Simply ensure Zappy has permission to 'spend' your tokens and enjoy instantaneous, low-cost transactions.

Increase your Yields with Zappy

There are several ways to earn rewards from depositing your tokens on the Zappy platform.
​Staking is the process of converting ZAP to xZAP, with a percentage of trading and lending fees used to buy back ZAP and send it to the xZAP Pool. Over time, your xZAP will increase to give you more ZAP.
Strategies for maximizing your yields vary, but a popular choice is: Stake $ZAP > Receive xZAP > Farm xZAP.
​Pooling tokens facilitates DEX trading, ensuring enough Liquidity for traders to make token swaps. Pooling works by providing two tokens (ZAP and TLOS, for example) to a pool in return for LP tokens, which users can then farm. Not all pools can be farmed on Zappy, but you will still earn a percentage of the trading fees in proportion to your share of the Pool.
You can also use the ZAP feature to automatically turn single tokens into double-sided LPs; however, this feature is not available just yet.
Once in the Pool, you can use LP tokens for Yield Farming in most cases. Simply visit the farm tab and search for the pair you wish to farm to earn a further share of the trading fees.