Single Stake Farm FAQ

Will there be any fees for staking/depositing? No, staking here is completely fee-free.
What happens when the IFO pool is closed? When the IFO pool is closed: 1. Your staked ZAP will be in the pool, but will not be earning additional ZAP 2. The pool will be in the same place, and will not be in the "inactive" tab You can continue to earn by moving your ZAP in the buyback pool to convert to xZAP, and staking the xZAP in the partner pools for even more rewards!
Is there a timelock or fees for unstaking? There won't be any timelocks or fees for unstaking or depositing. You can withdraw your ZAP any time.

IFO (Initial Farm Offering) Single Stake Pool

This pool will be active for 12 weeks after launch!
Initially, Zappy will feature the ZAP single-stake pool (IFO) where more ZAP can be earned by staking ZAP. The supply of this ZAP will be 4% of the Total Max Supply of ZAP, rewarded to farmers across 12 weeks. After this time, your funds will still be in the pool but no longer earning more ZAP. You can unstake your ZAP at the same location after the deadline.

How to Stake

  • Connect and confirm your wallet.
  • Navigate to the Zappy dashboard and select the Staking tab.
  • Enter the desired amount of ZAP tokens and select 'Approve.'

How to Unstake

  • Simply select 'Withdraw'.
  • Enter the amount you wish to unstake in the balance input and select 'Withdraw.'
  • You will receive your original staked ZAP tokens, plus your share of ZAP token rewards.
Last modified 1yr ago