Token swaps on Zappy are a simple way to trade one token for another via automated liquidity pools.
When you swap (trade) on the exchange, you will pay a 0.2% trading fee, which is broken down as follows: 0.15% is returned to liquidity pools as a reward for liquidity providers 0.05% is used to buy back ZAP and distribute it to Stakers. None of this fee is going to the treasury or dev fund like traditional DEXs.
When you provide liquidity or stake your ZAP, you will earn those fees.

How to Swap

  • The exchange is where you can trade one token for another. It is a simple swap interface; just select the two tokens you wish to exchange.

Buying ZAP

  • You can use Zappy's Trading interface to swap your assets for ZAP.

Gas fees

  • Users must pay gas fees to make transactions on the blockchain. On Telos, gas fees are always paid in TLOS.


  • Increased slippage may be needed when a trade price differs from the time of request and the time of order. Certain tokens may require 5+% due to their Tokenomics (not decided by Zappy).

What is price impact?

  • Price impact is the influence an individual trade has over the market price of an underlying asset pair.